Greenwich to Host Tall Ships Regatta 2014

The host of the first Tall Ships event in 25 years will be the Royal borough of Greenwich. The agreement was signed on May 12th.

>The regatta will be at the same time as the Greenwich Festival celebrations in 2014. The Festivals have become very popular, attracting a lot of spectators and visitors. Therefore, it will be appropriate to revive the regatta during the Festival celebrations.

The borough of Greenwich is recognized as an important cultural destinations, with a mix of arts and entertainment along with the cleaners in Greenwich. Among the spectacular programmes and events, visitors will be able to learn more about a true legend – the famous tea clipper Cutty Sark.

The leader of Royal borough Greenwich Chris Roberts ensures that the events will be committed to the arts - not only for the enjoyment they bring, but also for the huge contribution they make to our local economy.